Case Study


GAMEIN's Virtual Onboarding Platform for L'Oréal
Middle East: A Case Study in Efficient HR Solutions

Executive Summary

GAMEIN created an innovative virtual reality onboarding platform for L’Oréal Middle East, revolutionizing their induction process. This case study examines the platform's implementation, which reduced the onboarding duration from one month to just one hour and offered live tracking and real-time feedback capabilities to the HR department.


The VR onboarding program was designed to:

  • Condense the onboarding timeline significantly.
  • Eliminate the need for in-person training hours.
  • Provide an interactive and engaging learning experience for new employees.
  • Convey L’Oréal’s products, ethics, mission, vision, and culture effectively.


Utilizing virtual reality technology, GAMEIN crafted an onboarding experience comprising mini-games and interactive modules. This approach allowed new hires to learn about L’Oréal’s operations, ethos, and product range in a captivating manner. Equipped with VR headsets, recruits could complete their orientation remotely, with their progress being monitored by HR in real time.

Key Features


The virtual onboarding platform has yielded impressive results:


The Virtual Onboarding Platform developed by GAMEIN for L’Oréal Middle East exemplifies how VR can streamline HR processes. This case study highlights the platform’s success in delivering an efficient, enjoyable, and effective induction experience, marking a step-change in how companies can approach employee integration.

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