Case Study

Monin Syrups

GAMEIN’s Virtual Reality Training for
MONIN Syrups: A Case Study 

The replication of a real-world bar environment within the VR platform enhanced the bartenders’ capability to translate virtual learning into practical skills.

Executive Summary

In preparation for Gulfood 2023-2024, GAMEIN collaborated with MONIN to pioneer a transformative learning approach in mixology. This case study explores the implementation and outcomes of the Virtual Reality (VR) Training Program developed to equip bartenders with the expertise to craft exceptional mocktails using precise measurements of MONIN syrups. 


The program aimed to:

  • Deliver an immersive training experience that could replicate real-world scenarios.
  • Enhance learning engagement through interactive VR technology.
  • Provide flexible and accessible training to bartenders globally.
  • Ensure accurate syrup dosage for consistent mocktail quality.


GAMEIN’s VR training solution transported bartenders to a fully simulated 3D environment modelled after a high-end bar. Utilizing VR headsets, participants could interact with a virtual array of MONIN syrups and bar equipment. The program guided users through step-by-step procedures, emphasizing precision in syrup quantities to create signature mocktails.

Key Features

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